Range Cooker Birmingham And The Ultimate Sunday Roast

Nothing marks a chilly winter Sunday afternoon quite like a full roast dinner with the company of family and friends. As many seasoned cooks will tell you, the secret to a roast dinner is totally reliant on preparation, quality and patience. The way in which your joint of meat is cooked plays a huge part in making the difference between an average sit down and something that sets you up for the week to come. If you are thinking range cooker Birmingham think Borshch Electric. As a business with deep family roots, we know how amazing these cookers are in producing the full Sunday works! In the spirit of a good family roast, we’ve decided to give you a guide to the ultimate range cooker roast for fall 2018. If you are looking for a new cooker, or have looked at any range cooker Birmingham in the past, this guide will be sure to inspire you to make a decision you won’t regret!



The Oven

multi purpose range cooker

The oven is the most important component of a range cooker and for cooking large communal meals like roast dinners, it is ideal. Most range cookers come with two ovens which is great if some of your guests are vegetarian. The two compartments would allow for the separate but simultaneous cooking of a joint of meat and a nut roast dish which would could all be served and ready at the same time. If a double oven range cooker Birmingham makes sense to you, then why not check out the Stoves 444441656/MG 100cm Induction Range Cooker available now. This particular model has an excellent slow-cook oven which when combined with a solid cast iron construction cooks things thoroughly with even heat distribution.


Hob ignition


The integrated hob which comes included with a range cooker is a further reason as to why range cookers are perfect for cooking the perfect roast dinner. With a choice of gas, dual fuel or induction, the large hob space allows you to boil or steam large pan sizes of vegetables for the meal all in one go without having to boil multiple pans at different times due to spatial constraints. There are many different types of hob configurations but ceramic glass hobs tend to be easier to clean. For the ultimate ceramic hob range cooker in Birmingham, we recommend The TR103IP 100Cm Induction Range Cooker Cream which is available right now at Borshch Electric.



The Grill

range cooker bought in Birmingham

Some range cookers come with a dedicated grilling draw which means that while slow cooking in one oven, you can grill in another dedicated compartment at the same time. Grilling comes in handy when cooking a roast dinner as there are plenty of applications for it. Once boiled on the hob, soft and fluffy roast potatoes, swede or parsnips can be laid under the grill to get an outer grilling. Simply lay any of these vegetables out on a tray, brush them with a touch oil, sprinkle with sea salt and a pinch of black pepper before putting them under a medium grill heat for 10-15 minutes! Selecting a range cooker is largely dependent on what kind of cooking you plan on doing but if you grill regularly this should underpin all the models you consider when searching for a range cooker Birmingham. At our Upper Trinity Street store, you can find great deals on range models with separate grill stations like the Beko BDVI90K.



Borshch Electric Birmingham

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